Things A Reboot Won’t Fix

Things a reboot won’t fix is a utopian design effort by Ada Cable, many accomplices, and situated within society at large. “We” are as such both a grouping around an issue and in individual with an overly pretentious portfolio website. We’re interested in the controlled demolition of society, and what comes after it. Our design is situated, discursive, and libationary, producing roadmaps for action in the cthuluscene. We will also do other work, of varying levels of interesting, for money. But not if you’re a dickhead.




Since the STAR house of 70s new york, and probably earlier, trans women have built hidden spaces in the cracks of the city to help others survive the violence of society.

The film examines these spaces, the work of making them, and their failings, understanding them as a practical tactic for oppressed groups to act across the apocalypse.

Commissioned by the Imaginaries of the future network, and funded by the leverhulme trust, to premier at Utopia: The Fierce Urgency of Now, in late august.


Open source estrogen

Open source Estrogen was a year long project experimenting with alternate infrastructures for producing essential medication for the trans community without the need of massive pharmaceutical structures, and the biopolitical control that comes with them.

Working with several methods of estrogen extraction, including an abortive biohacking attempt, the project terminated producing and distributing a guide to producing estrogen in a domestic kitchen.

Girldick hosting

Girldick hosting is a nonprofit, pay what you can web services provider for people who experience transmisoginy. Find out more

(Founding, design, maintenance and customer service)

(Accomplices: Kat Andry


Twine_craeft was a residency and gallery exhibition dealing with the “dehesions of xenofeminism”, navigating the cracks between nature and technology in a rural swiss village with 5 other feminist designers, artists and academics.

(Initiation, funding acquisition, organising, resident)

(Accomplices: Fran, Gwen, Ana, Clare, Eve.)

Known Unknowns

Interaction, development and management of a large degree show website in the known ams, including custom plugin development, management of a 60 user website. Source available.

(Accomplices: Dean Pankhurst


Reality hacking club: DIY Turtle Friends

Reality hacking club is an experimental larp collective, with the first larp being “DIY turtle friends”, an exploration of the affective politics of the denial of hormone replacement therapy to trans group. The project aimed to provide a space for trans people to understand the complex emotional and logistical situation without directly experiencing the trauma of hormone loss.

Larp documentation is available here

(Accomplices: Amy Cetera)

Watching from below

Watching from below is an attempt to subvert and re-target the power of surveillance, creating a surveillance drone for activists to use to watch back against gentrification with.

Built entirely from materials from the pound shop, the detritus of late capitalism is reconfigured to rise over the invading gentrification, to gaze down upon it and report back, allowing further actions by the activists using the data it gathered.

Including a working camera, kite frame, remote release, and developing facilities, and documented thoroughly in an instructional zine, the kite is not only a solid theoretical object but a strong feat of engineering.

Control bear

Democratic climate change

Democratic climate change asks how the public engages with climate change, and long term political change in general, by engaging low lying communities in london, gathering their input, and then Continuing the discussion with a series of posters built from google sketchup maps, showing where the community thought sea levels would be in 50, 100 and two hundred years.




An experimental affective computing installation exploring chaos, the categorisation of affective existence, and techno/body bounds. Media: processing, raspberry pi computer, custom electronics and projectors.

Legible Television

Sculpture exploring the legibility of technology, reuse and disposal, producing a working and legible television and computer system with a discarded television, laser cutters, and a raspberry pi.

(Media: lasercut plywood, custom electronics, discarded cathode ray tube television)

Park yourself

A site specific intervention in a busy car park in greenwich,

(Accomplices: Nicola Bradley,Rachel Mayes, Mi-Thi Nguyen, Elena Terrones-huet, Lucy Sharpe, Katy McCarten, Helen Wyat, Rose Martin.